I have decided to set up a post-university blog to try and find my place on the internet. I aim to incorporate my journalism skills that I have learned and use them to talk about all the things I have a buzz around. I will try to include as much multimedia in my posts as well.

This blog constitutes mainly of pop culture areas such as video games, anime, movies, music and whatever else I find entertainment (or not) in and feel it should be written about.

Want to know a little about me? 

1. I am Travis Ward, 21 and from Sheffield.

2. I am a video game collector and currently collect for PS1, GameCube and Nintendo 64.

3. I am a musician and play guitar and bass. I try to dabble with other instruments, but the best I’ve gotten at is with ukulele. I might post any relevant music work I have on YouTube on this page.

4. I have just finished my three year degree in BA Journalism Studies at Russell Group: University of Sheffield.

5. I am currently unemployed and are still pursuing work in journalism (It’s bloody hard in South Yorkshire). Because of this I have set up my blog to continue my journalism.

6. I love music and listen to a vast mixture from classical to emo to indie to experimental rock.

7. I am a big video game fanatic and hope to be a professional video game journalist.

8. I try to read as much as I can and have almost finished reading – ‘Ready Player One’. I recommend this to anyone interested in gaming and 80’s culture.

9. My current favourites:
Anime – Attack on Titan
Music – Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball
Movie – Wayne’s World
Video Game – Splatoon

10. I hope you enjoy my work.


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